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This extensive list of lectures covers all levels of Astrology - from Beginners to Advanced. 

The topics include all disciplines of Astrology:

Personal Chart Analysis, Counseling, Forecast, Mundane, Traditional-Hellenistic, Political-Historical,

Astrology in Judaism, Astronomy-for-Astrologers and Uranian Astrology (The Hamburg School).

All these lectures have been successfully delivered at NCGR conferences, workshops & classes

in the US and abroad.

Contact Meira* to book a lecture, even if not listed here.

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  Uranus (Ouranos) - The Evolution of Meaning
 The entry of Uranus into Aries, in a conjunction with Jupiter, in 2010 is irresistible and exciting, and gives us an opportunity to re-examine Uranus on many fronts.

   Uranus is the first planet to be discovered in the modern era, on March 13, 1781, by the astronomer William Herschel, in Bath, England.  At the time of discovery Uranus was at 24° Gemini. 

   When a planet is discovered, astrologers are faced with questions about its phere of influence & essential attributes.  This lecture traces the process by which Uranus has been incorporated into astrology, from the time of discovery all the way to our day. Special emphasis is on the connection between Uranus in the Mutable signs and major wars in the world.    Buy it Now


  The Color of Money
How do you make it?  How do you handle it?  Do you worry about it? 

 The Metaphysical & Psychological Dimension of Money.

 The Places in the Chart where it is found: The money Houses and the Planets that rule them.

 How certain planetary aspects influence the money flow in your life.                     Buy it Now


Professional Astrology - Making the Leap

Find out what it takes and how to go about becoming a Professional Astrologer. What it means to be one, what to do and what not to do, How to get your feet wet and how to muster your confidence. Learn what to expect from the client as well as from yourself. What questions to anticipate and how to prepare for them. Get you philosophy and metaphysics in place - you will need it!                                                                                                                         Buy it Now



Solar Return Essentials - Theory & practice (workshop)
Understanding the Solar Return Chart is essential for an accurate interpretation of Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions. It fleshes them out and gives the real story of the coming year. The relations between the SR and the Natal charts sheds light on where the focus and the action will actually take place.

We will also explore the questions of Relocation-Travel on the SR, as well as the use of Precessed SR charts.                                                                                    Buy it Now


Rectification - The Skill & The Art  (class, advanced)        Buy it Now
Chart Rectification skills are essential to every practicing astrologer, as so often inaccurate birthtime leads to mistakes in forecasting. Four minutes difference in birth-time will throw off the forecast by a whole year!

Chart Rectification is the supreme art of the astrologer. It requires in-depth knowledge of Natal Chart Delineation, as well as solid Forecasting Techniques - all of which are used in the event analysis. This class offers a step-by-step structured methodology that will guide you in the process, along with many important considerations that must be taken into account.


Ascendant vs. Sun - Where is the Person in the Chart?
Which One Describes the Person?                                                                 Buy it Now  

When people say "I am a Scorpio, or I am Gemini, etc." they are usually referring to their Sun-sign, completely unaware of the Rising Sign and its Ruler. To make matters worse, modern astrology books rampantly blur the lines between the ASC-sign, the Moon-sign and the Sun-sign - all description sounding alike. This lecture clarifies the confusion, making a clear distinction between these three. It also explores the Role of the Dispositor and how it affects the Ruler of the Ascendant.


Rulers & Dispositors - Who Calls the Shots?

A Planet that rules a House indicates how the matters of the House will turn out. Learn what happens when a House/Sign Ruler is weak and how its Dispositor can 'save' it and make things better.

Find out who really runs the show !


Aspects - Theory & Practice - Beyond The Cookbook
How to interpret aspect Configurations of More than Two Planets.

How to evaluate Reception & Mutual Reception.
How to interpret Applying and Separating aspects in the natal chart.

When to use Wide or Narrow Orbs.

The Minor Aspects - How they work and why they are really important.


The Polarity of Adjacent Signs

Learn how two adjacent sign are more conflicted in nature than the signs that lie on the opposite side - such as Leo-Virgo vs. Leo-Aquarius or Virgo-Pisces.

Find out how opposing sign actually have a lot in common share the same agenda, and actually compliment each other. Learn how to interpret the relationship between Neighboring Signs-Houses that make no aspect, and what to do when many planets are clustered in just a few consecutive signs in one small area, with no other aspects in the chart.


 Moon-Mercury Aspects & Human Intelligence -                  Buy it Now
Why Johnny Can't Read and What the Moon Has Got To Do With It.
Understanding Moon-Mercury aspects sheds light on how the Mind/Brain works, on

  the Learning Process and how it affects one’s Academic Achievements.

  Discover how these aspect play a major role in Career Choices, 

  in Communication Patterns and even in Relationships.


 Are Trines Better Than Squares ?!                                     Buy it Now
And what to do when good aspects happen to bad planets. 
 Reassessment of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ in the chart.




Relocation & Astro-Cartography                                        

 How to find the Best Place to Live and which places to avoid.

 Discover how your life changes when you move to another location, and how

 you will feel in that new place.

 This technique can tell you whether you will Find Love, Improve your Career or

 Build a Home - Any Place in the World.                                                                                  Buy it Now


Astrology On The Job                                                                        
Learn to identify the Vocational Indicators in the chart - whether it's about Work, a Job or Career, and how they get activated by Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions.
Everything you ever wanted to know about career analysis and all its astrological significations. Find out what career you are suitable for, what is currently going, and when a change of direction will occur.


  Love Styles and Sexual Orientation                                 Buy it Now

  When it’s hot and when it’s cold, when it’s given or denied.

  We will also tackle the complicated subject of Sexual Orientation and how it shows in the chart.

  Electing a Good Time to Get Married

Against the Background of the Natal Chart Relationship Indicators:                                           

Will it Happen? When? With Whom? Will it Last?

Matches Are Made In Heaven (workshop)

An in-depth discussion on core issues and techniques involved in assessing relationships in our lives, against the Background of the Natal Chart Relationship Indicators.                                                             Buy it Now


 Motherhood - Many Faces, Many Lives                             Buy it Now
The Complexity of Motherhood as it shows in the astrological chart:

 Having It, Yearning For It, Substituting It, Losing It and Even Rejecting It.

 The challenges of being a Mother and of relating to Mother.

  Also: The Parental Indicators in the Chart - Hellenistic vs. Modern.


The Lots:   Fortune & Spirit                                                  Buy it Now

Their Origins, Definitions and Uses
Learn to differentiate between Fortune & Spirit and how they sustain you materially, physically 

and intellectually throughout life. Learn about the system of Time Lords and discover their   invaluable use in Long-Range Forecast, when major Life Periods Change.


 From Classical Astrology:                                

 On Exaltation & Detriment & The Joys of the Planets

 This very useful classifications of Signs and Planets will enable you to tell

 How things Start Out and what their Final Outcome will be.

 Discover how seemingly negative aspects can actually turn out to be

 a blessing in disguise. Learn how to apply this to the natal chart 

 as well as in Forecast.



An ancient principal, widely used by Medieval Astrologers, which has survived in Horary, Electional and Astrological Magic.

Here we explain it and explore its hidden power in the natal chart.   Buy it Now



The Elements:  Fire-Air  Earth-Water                                 Buy it Now

Their origin in Greek Philosophy and their Use in Hellenistic Astrology.

Gain a deeper understanding of their Cosmic Role and its manifestation in the Sub-Lunar physical world.  Learn why Trines & Sextiles are good, and how Triplicity/Element Rulership works - in long-range Forecast and in House assessment.


  Forecast with Solar Arc Directions
This technique is the Indispensable Companion to Secondary Progressions

  and Transits.

  It shows how the all-important Solar Principle affects the other planets as life

  goes forward. Unlike Secondary progressions, it moves all the planets

  forward, and sheds light on events that the other methods cannot explain.


 Uranian Astrology - The Hamburg School - Introduction
The Uranian system enhances chart analysis and reveals critical details:   Buy it Now

  Discover the Trans-Neptunian Hypothetical Planets;

  Learn how to find and use Mid-Points, in an easy and effective way;

  Discover the Aries Point (World Axis), Anticia, and other configurations.
  How to use the 90° Dial and why you "Don’t Want to Leave Home Without It".

Using The Computer For Uranian Techniques and 90° Dial Work (Tutorial)

A comprehensive, fully narrated & visually-rich tutorial on CD-ROM, which will enable you to benefit from the techniques of Uranian Astrology, using the astrological software available to you on your computer.  Buy it Now



                         Uranian Symmetry & The Hellenistic Lots - 

      A Common Ground  (Tutorial)

    Planetary Pictures (A+B-C=D and A+B-C) are an important component of the

    Uranian System. They form sensitive points defined by a Mathematical and

    Geometrical Principle of Symmetry and Reflection.

    The Hellenistic Lots, also known as the Arabic Parts, are familiar by their descriptive and 

    even colorful names, like Fortune, Spirit, Eros, Necessity, etc.

    At first glance these two techniques appear to be worlds apart, as one is rooted in antiquity while the other is 

    the product of the 20th century scientific thought. Yet, the fact of the matter is that they both share a fundamental

    principle and a common classical ground, which is a tribute to the power of the continuity in astrology.

    This common ground is the principle of Symmetry & Reflection. In both systems it is part of the rock-bottom

    foundation of their respective astrological doctrine.

    Here we explore the basics of these techniques, see how they are constructed, what they have in common
what sets them apart in definition and in usage.                                                           Buy it Now


ADMETOS - the mysterious Uranian from the Hamburg School


Admetos - the Trans-Neptunian Point -  contains symbolism that is unparalleled in traditional astrology: Cycles, death-ending-beginning, motion-rotation-inertia-standstill, loyalty, focus, earth, land and homeland, and more. Admetos also manifests scientific principles, such as Chaos Theory. In this Audio-Visual lecture you will learn all about it and also how to read it in charts.

                                                                                           Buy it Now


Forecast by the Diurnal Direction of the Houses
An ancient principle from Ptolemy’s time. Very easy to use with great results.
 Truly a missing piece in our tool-kit of long range forecast techniques.

 Forecast Without The Ephemeris
Using only the natal chart, with methods such as:

  Diurnal Quadrant Direction, Profection, Planetary Periods & Time Lords,

  Firdaria and Solar Arc.


  Ancient Techniques For the Modern Astrologer
Improve your chart interpretation skills by learning how to use the

  Part-of-Fortune, Reception & Mutual Reception, Applying & Separating

  aspects, Strength of House & Planets, Rulers & Dispositors.

  Day/Night factors, Forecast by the Triplicity (Elements) Rulers, 

  by the Houses, and more...



The Life & Astrological Work of Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra 


The fascinating figure of Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra -  a restless Jewish scholar, a scientist, a poet and a great Astrologer from 12th century Spain. His Life, his influence, the scope of his work and how he resolved Astrology with Judaism.                                                                                     


 Astrology Among The Jews -                                            Buy it Now

 From Babylon to Spain

 Astrology has always been present in Judaism in a variety of ways.

 You will hear about the debates, the practice and the controversy, as well

 as the attempts to resolve the dilemmas that it raised, and the opposing

 views, as represented by Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra and Maimonides.


 Astrology in Judaism -                                                 Buy it Now

 Creation, the Soul & the Quest for Free Will

 Perhaps the greatest question facing philosophers, theologians, mystics

 and astrologers has been "Is it Fate or Free Will that determines our

 actions and our lives?" This debate reached a frenzy in the hearts and

 minds of 12th century European Jews of Spain and Provence and 

 culminated in a series of historical dialogues represented by two great

 scholars: Maimonides, the renowned theological authority of the time,

 author of The Guide For The Perplexed, and a staunch opponent of

 astrology, and Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra, the erudite multifaceted Biblical

 scholar, poet and astrologer, who embraced astrology as a means to get to

 the Higher Knowledge and the Mysteries of Life. These dialogues are as relevant today as they were 800 years ago, perhaps even more so, as 20th century history and recent world events are fresh in our personal and collective memory. In today’s talk, scholar and astrologer Meira Epstein will discuss the question of Fate/Free Will, and how the opposing views of these great Rabbis can shed light on resolving this age old riddle.'


 Forbidden Knowledge: "Merkavah & Hekhalot"             Buy it Now

 Ancient Jewish Mysticism From the Talmudic Era

 "Merkavah & Hekhalot" Mysticism is a fascinating, yet little known Jewish

 mystical tradition and a Forerunner of the Kabbalah, where Astrology, 

 Cosmology and the Personal Spiritual Experience converged. 

 It is a theoretical and practical expression of the human yearning to reach

 beyond the Veil of the Unknown and touch the Divine. 

 Some of these ideas even appear later in the European Rosicrucian Tradition.


  "I found the Hekhalot CD to be absolutely fascinating. I had read a little of

   Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's and Frances Yates' works, as well as the Chemical Wedding

                              of Christian Rosenkreutz, and it was wonderful how it all fits in together. 

                              This knowledge of Kabbalah is a treasure."  Celeste Jamerson, NY.


 Astrology in Judaism          Free Listen or Download !!!   

 An historic overview of the place held by Astrology in Judaism and the various approaches

 of the Talmudic Rabbis to the question of Fate and Free Will.  Astrology has been running

 parallel to mainstream Judaism from ancient times. It is at the basis of Kabbalah.

 Astrology is abundant in the Hebrew language. Here are some examples:

- When you say - מזל טוב, סימן טוב ומזל טוב  - you are speaking astrology

- When you say -   בשעה טובה  - you are speaking astrology 

- When you call some -  שלימזל  -  you are speaking astrology

- When you say -   משנה מקום משנה מזל   -  you are speaking astrology

- When you say - עד מאה ועשרים   - you are speaking astrology



                   ספר יצירה

  "Sefer Yetsirah" - "The Book of Creation"            Buy it Now

   and the Language of Cosmology

   Discover this Ancient Mystical Jewish Doctrine that connects the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet with the Astrological Foundation of the Cosmos. 


    'Yetsirah' can be understood as 'creation' or 'formation'. This lecture discusses the difference between the two concepts. This book laid the ground for Gimatria and other letter combinations used in Jewish Numerology. Learn about later historical developments & implications that resulted from this doctrine, and how it influenced the famous story of 'The Golem of Prague', as well as modern ethical & scientific debates.


 Astrology in Safed - צפת - The Spiritual Center of Kabbalah

     השגחה פרטית והשגחה כללית - גשר בין אמונה ואסטרולוגיה

                   Personal & General Providence:

               The Bridge Between Faith & Astrology         Buy it Now

 Many times in life we are faced with questions about the Divine Protection:   

 Does it exist? How & Why does it Work? We often see situations that defy logic and seem fated or miraculous, and there are times when we truly feel the presence of a Personal Guardian Angel.

Since Ancient Times, many Talmudic Rabbis, Kabbalists and other Mystics have always viewed Astrology as a manifestation of the Divine Wisdom. In this lecture we explore this Cosmic Principle of Divine Protection, and see how Astrology as a Universal Science that connects Heavens & Earth can become the Bridge between the Religious and the Non-Religious Views on Life.

Join in this fascinating evening in Safed - צפת - the place where Kabbalah reached its highest achievements - 

among like-minded people on the quest for deeper meaning in Life.


Dear Meira,

I listened to the Relocation CD yesterday and the Safed lecture today.  I learned a lot of good ideas from the Relocation CD, and the Safed lecture was marvelous.  I wish I knew Hebrew, but I understood a few words here and there in the examples.  The idea of the twins sharing the chart was marvelous, and I was also most interested in what you had to say about the search for the Messiah, and how that can lead to problems.  It was all very profound.  What a treasure!  Thank you so much for recommending it to me.

The part about the destruction of the two Temples when Neptune was at 23 Libra & Aries gives me chills, as you would say!  I also read somewhere that both times it was on a certain date of the month of Av. Incredible!

Best Regards, Celeste Jamerson


Astronomy For Astrologers

See the Heavens in the Chart & the Chart in the Heavens
Learn how the Sky is recorded in the chart and how Astronomy Becomes Astrology - The stuff that every astrologer needs to know - made easy, interesting and fun. 

Here are some of the topics: 

The Solar System - Modern vs. Ancient view. Equinox & Solstice Points. Declination & Anticia. The Retrograde Motion of the Planets - Modern vs. Ancient view. Eclipses and the Lunar Nodes. Local Meridian, Horizon, MC, ASC. How Relocation Works. The Diurnal Motion. Morning-Evening Stars. Heliacal Rising & Setting. Time Zones & the Mid-Heaven. Sidereal Time. Right Ascension. Tropical & Sidereal Zodiac & the Precession of the Equinoxes. Kepler’s Laws & How they Affect Solar Arc Directions. The Parallax Moon. How Planetary Positions are are Measured.


  Mundane is Personal

   Mundane Astrology is where Public Events and the Personal Destiny Meet.

   It shows how events in the world affect our personal lives, as well as 

   the reverse situation - How charts of political leaders determine what

   happens in their countries. This approach to Mundane Astrology 

   demonstrates how the life of the Individual and the Collective are truly

   connected.  It can tell you where you stand at times of War & Peace,

                             at times of Economic Ups or Downs, etc.

Become familiar with both the ancient techniques, such as Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions, and the modern techniques, such as Cycle Theory, and find out why it is a fascinating subject that every astrologer should master.


  An Event Chart is Not Enough!                                          Buy it Now

   Quite frequently, an event chart does not even tell the true story of what really

   happened. Find out what to look for and where the real story is.

   This lecture is a useful review of Mundane Astrology techniques that yield reliable results.



  Israel and Her Neighbors -                                                  Buy it Now

  War & Peace in the Middle East
As viewed from the historic & astrological perspective.
  How the chart of modern Israel indicates events going back in the history of

  the Jewish Nation.


  The Experience of Evil - In The Wake of 9/11                   Buy it Now

   Astrology is both a practical and a Philosophical-Metaphysical system.

   Its practical side manifests in its power to describe all aspects of our physical

   existence. As a Philosophical-Metaphysical system, it confronts us with the most

   difficult questions of Fate & Destiny, as seen at the moment of birth.


  Neptune - The Mundane Meets The Personal                   

         Neptune's discovery in 1846 unleashed its raw effects in Politics, Plagues,

         Social Reforms, the advent of Spiritualism, and in Economic Cycles. It had

         a major role in the Great Depression of the 1930's and in the inflation and

         recession of the 1970's.

         In the personal chart, Neptune can bring about similar effect. Therefore, we

         can learn about Mundane astrology from Personal and vice versa.


  Is Pluto Exalted In Aries?
Why Pluto is the Other Hidden Dimension of both the Sun and the Moon;
   Why Florida is a Pluto state, and other surprising findings.

   Also - The unspoken secret relationship between Scorpio and Virgo.


The Mid-Life Crisis of Pluto-in-Virgo Generation

The cycles of the planets define the milestones of life,                        Buy it Now

when the transiting planet forms Hard Aspects to its natal

position. The most formidable one is that of Pluto. It is a generational,

cycle as Pluto moves very slowly, so we get only the opening square.

Currently Pluto-in-Sagittarius is squaring the Pluto-in-Virgo generation - the children of the 60’s - born in the decade that saw the drug culture, the Pill, the Civil Rights movement and the Cold War.

Pluto transits are once-in-a-life-time event and a watershed experience. They bring destruction & renewal, death & rebirth, pain & ecstasy.  It is the opportunity to transform from the cocoon to the butterfly, to begin a new direction in life, to move to the place you always wanted to live in, or discover the new You.


The Seamy Side of Sagittarius -                            Buy it Now

on Race & Racism
Sagittarius is the place where we meet foreigners, foreign cultures, other ethnic groups and other religious practices. It is a point of Interface & Interfaith - testing our level of Tolerance and Open-Mindedness. It has the potential to reveal the politically-incorrect, negative aspect of people's attitudes that are usually kept well hidden from public view. This lecture will probably be an eye opener to you, as it was to the people who heard this lecture for the first time.


  Chiron: The Pointer in the Chart

  The Mentor, the Musician, the Handyman, the Carpenter, the Medicine Man,

  the Emotional Healer, and more.

  Chiron is the Quiet Voice in the chart. We must listen with our heart in order to

  hear it. Chiron works as a pointer to what hurts, and where healing comes from.



  We are Fortune Tellers -                                                     Buy it Now

  Event Oriented Astrology In the Consultation Room
Why Predictive, Event-Oriented Astrology is Valid & Important.

  How the inner psychological experience reflects the external events

  and circumstances in the client life, and how to identify it.

  It's where the art of people skills meets the art of astrological techniques.



פוריות והבאת ילדים לעולם הם נושאים אשר בדרך כלל נלקחים כמובן מאליו.
לא כן הוא הדבר עבור זוגות רבים שעוברים טיפולי פוריות במשך שנים, אשר דורשים השקעה נפשית, רגשית וכספית.   

באמצאותthe Uranian System   ובמיוחד  the Trans-Neptunian Planet Zeus    נוכל לזהות את המצבים הללו ואפילו להגדיר מתי יבוא הפתרון.                                             לקניה


 השפעת הקשר בין הירח ומרקורי על אינטלקט, אינטליגנציה ותפקודי המח האנושי

כיצד הקשר מתבטא בלימודים, בעבודה, בבחירת מקצוע, ביצירתיות, בדפוסי תקשרת, ואפילו  ביחסים בין-אישיים.



מי בבית, ואת מי רואים משם?

על בתים רגילים ובתים נגזרים באסטרולוגיה העתיקה והמודרנית  (סדנה)

המפה כעולם ומלואו: האם ידעתם שהמפה שלכם הוא ספר החיים והגורל לא רק שלכם אלא גם של הסובבים אתכם? כיצד לדעת על חתנים וכלות, חיות מחמד, גיסים וגיסות, עבודה, בריאות והתפתחות של אנשים אחרים. הכול כבר שם רק צריך לדעת היכן נלמד כיצד לזהות ולאבחן  זאת.

v   שיטות בתים שונות כמו קוך, פלסידוס, בתים שווים ועוד. במה להשתמש, האם ניתן לשלב, ובאיזה שיטות השתמשו באסטרולוגיה עתיקה.

v   הרחבת תחומי החיים עליהם הבתים שולטים.

v   חשיבות נקודת האופק ורום השמיים.

v   בתים נגזרים: המפה שלך כראי לאנשים אחרים, אירועים שונים ומצבי חיים של אחרים, כיצד לגזור זאת מהמפה.                        לקניה


אהבה ממבט ראשון, ומה בהמשך?

על עצמאות וזוגיות, ונקודת המפגש ביניהן - ובטוין במפה האסטרולוגית 

מה מחבר אנשים יחד ומה מפריד ביניהם, מה מבטיח מערכת יחסים ארוכת טווח, כיצד להגיע לאיזון בין נתינה לקבלה, האומנם אהבה כרוכה בהקרבה ועל אהבה ומחוייבות. מיניות ובטויה במפת הלידה: צד גברי ונשי, אל מי ולמה נמשכים, על אהבה לעומת הרפתקה, וכיצד לזהות העדפות מיניות שונות.                                                                לקניה


 לקניה                                                                       The Color of Money
?איפה הכסף במפה האישית? כמה, למה ואיך 

     ?מאיפה זה מגיע ולאן זה הולך   



 כירון                                                                                 לקניה 

המורה והחונך, המוסיקאי והאומן, הכואב והרופא, המוכשר בכל מלאכה -- הקול השקט במפה


סמינר לשיטות אסטרולוגיות חיזוי עתיקות

מה שהם ידעו ואנחנו שכחנו  -  מדהים אותנו עד עצם היום הזה! הוא מעשיר את הידע וההבנה, וכמובן נותן עומק ומימד חדש לפיענוח המפה האסטרולוגית                                                                                       לקניה           


סמינר לשיטות חיזוי מודרניות באסטרולוגיה    

באסטרולוגיה מודרנית משתמשים במגוון רחב של שיטות. קידומים, Solar Arc, מעברים, אבל גם Solar Return, התחשבות בליקויי חמה ולבנה, התחשבות במולד הירח או ירח מלא, וגם מפות Ingrees.

קידומים- כאשר כל  יום הופך לשנה. Solar Arc- קידומים לפי קשת השמש. מעברים- חיזוי לפי מצב הכוכבים בשמיים דהיום.  Solar-Return- חזרת השמש לנקודת הלידה. ליקוים- התחשבות בליקוי חמה ולבנה. מחזורי הירח- ירח מלא ומולד הירח. Ingrees  - כניסת השמש למזלות קרדינליים.

שילובם של שיטות חיזוי אלו אחת בשניה, הופך את החיזוי האסטרולוגיה לכלי רב עוצמה ביותר. בסמינר זה נעמוד על מהותן של שיטות אלו והשילוב ביניהם!!!                                                                     לקניה