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Ursa Major - The Bear Star



 The Universe  

 is Purposeful & Meaningful,

and in Constant Equilibrium


  Free Will  

is the Inner Perception

of the Intent of the Chart

and the Agenda of the Soul.



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"Curriculum By Design:

Abraham Ibn Ezra's Astrological Texts"

published in: -

"From Masha' Allah to Kepler: Theory and Practice in Medieval and Renaissance Astrology"


       Calendar: 2018      


UAC 2018:  May 23-29, 2018, Chicago


         Lecture:  Fortune &  Spirit: The Hidden ASC

                             and the Invisible 10TH House


         Lecture:  Medieval Conundrum in Modern Light



         NCGR-PAA Workshops:


         1) Level-I: Natal Chart Calculations

         2) Level-II:  Forecast - Progressions & Solar Arc Calc.




    NCGR - New York Conference: Nov. 17, 2018


            Lecture:  "When Planets Fall, How Far Down?"

                              (Dignity-Debility in the natal chart)



    NCGR - Istanbul:  Dec. 2, 2018


            Workshop:  Fortune & Spirit: Where is Your Luck?

            In the Natal Chart and in Life Cycles



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