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"I wanted to let you know that my first reading on Wed went very well.. thank so much for helping me to prepare… I certainly see the usefulness and magic of the 90 degree dial!.."

DMH, New York City


"When I decided to study astrology seriously I began studying with Meira.  
She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and she shares it in a concise, meaningful way.  
    Meira laid the foundation with information about the ancients and their discoveries, and from there I learned in depth about keywords, interpretation, and now I am learning Astronomy for Astrologers which is the icing on the cake.  
   I love my classes, and the recordings from the classes are invaluable.  For me each class is like finding a piece of a giant puzzle, and I look with excitement as the big picture emerges."

Anita M.



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Re The Uranian Tutorial on CD:

"Meira Epstein has created a unique aid for learning Uranian techniques. Her CD-ROM, "Using the Computer for Uranian Techniques and 90 Dial Work" ($39.95), is a series of succinct lectures and an accompanying slide presentation that takes you through the basics in a user-friendly format. There are ample graphics and charts. Although the CD displays Solar Fire, the instructions can be adapted to other major software programs. The aim is to learn to use the software without having to actually manipulate a dial, so there is extensive use of midpoint trees and sorts. Epstein includes solar arcs and solar returns in her analysis."

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine  (issue #123 Oct/Nov 2005):

"This is an unusually clear, organized and methodical presentation of the 90º Dial Techniques. I highly recommend it! "

N.M. New York City

 'The Uranian Astrology tutorial on CD-ROM is a must-have for all Uranian astrologers. It is very informative and accessible, and I also found it to be very entertaining. I think Meira is a genius - she put together a great work in this CD-ROM. Even if you are a beginner, this software will bless you tremendously. It is awesome. Don’t hesitate to go out and get this software - you wont be disappointed.'

Jonathan B. Fisher Author/Motivational speaker/Astrologer


.... you are a great inspiration to me in Uranian work. I purchased your DVD some years ago, and that instruction was the best I've seen so far. It serves me well.
Gloria Lorenzo



I listened to the Relocation CD yesterday and the Saffed lecture today.  I learned a lot of good ideas from the Relocation CD, and the Safed lecture was marvelous.  I wish I knew Hebrew, but I understood a few words here and there in the examples.  The idea of the twins sharing the chart was marvelous, and I was also most interested in what you had to say about the search for the Messiah, and how that can lead to problems. 

It was all very profound.  What a treasure!  Thank you so much for recommending it to me.

I look forward to listening to the CD on relationships.  I also need to go back and listen more to the Solar Returns and Rectification workshops.

God bless, 
Celeste Jamerson