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The Beginning of Wisdom  

("Reshit Hochma" - ראשית חכמה)

 by Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

Translation from Hebrew by Meira Epstein
With annotations by Meira Epstein and Robert Hand.

"The Beginning of Wisdom is a one of the most important of the basic medieval texts of  astrology. Originally written in Hebrew by Ibn Ezra it was translated into old French by Hagin de Juif .... "      -- Robert Hand 

The book covers the foundation of astrology, including an extensive description of the constellation, a complete list of the Arabic Parts.
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The Book of Reasons   

  ("Sefer Ha'te'amim" - ספר הטעמים)

 by Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

Translated by Meira Epstein
Edited by Robert Hand

"With this and subsequent translations of Ibn Ezra's works we have our first translations directly from the original language of Arabic Era astrology. Although Ibn Ezra was a Jew and wrote in Hebrew, his astrology is mainstream Arabic Era astrology completely free of the modifications that were often made of Arabic astrology by the Christians who translated the Arabic works into Latin"   
  -- Robert Hand.                                     
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The Book of Nativities and Revolutions 

("Sefer Ha'Moladot Ve'Ha'Tequfot" -

      ספר המולדות והתקופות)

 by Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

Edited and translated from Hebrew Manuscripts and annotated  by Meira Epstein
Edited with additional annotations from the Latin Translation  by Robert Hand

"Meira Epstein began her astrological career in Israel where she taught English as a second language. Her early career as programmer-analyst on Wall Street foreshadowed her multifaceted talents she would employ for systems and symbols in integrating an ancient language in our modern world. Meira’s focus today is on the revival of ancient texts and techniques, integrating them into current modern practice. She is a teacher on the Faculty of the New York Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Meira’s publications include many articles published in various astrological journals in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands."       -- Robert Hand      
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The Correspondence between the Rabbis of Southern France and Maimonides about Astrology

Translated by Meira Epstein

In this intriguing 12th century historical document Jewish scholars write to Maimonides, the renowned Jewish theologian and philosopher, seeking answers to very specific astrological questions. Maimonides was adamantly opposed to astrology, and this is reflected in this correspondence, where he refers to principles already established in his famous "Guide For The Perplexed".  This exchange raises questions that sharpen the philosophical and metaphysical tension between Religion, Humanism and Astrology.

"Meira's contribution is not only to the field of astrology, but to history, to linguistics and to the deepest level of our cultural understanding about the Jews and astrology in medieval times. Carefully planned, translated and presented, Meira's work is the first of its kind and we believe will be judged the best."             -- Robert Hand.                                                                                                                           Buy it Now (here) 


Sefer Yetzirah

Translated by Meira Epstein

Translation, Transliteration and Commentary, with Special Attention to the Underlying Philosophical Origins, Ancient Jewish Mysticism, Cosmology and Astrology.  

Sefer Yetzirah is known by name to many, but few have knowledge of its contents and what it represents. Throughout the centuries it has been studied, interpreted and commented on by numerous scholars, mostly intrinsically, interpreting the mystical doctrine on its own. Modern academic research tends to looks at it historically, possibly as an ancient ‘scientific’ text on numbers and letters. In this publication, my goal is to make this text accessible on a simple, primary introductory level, while highlighting fundamental philosophical issues that underlie this work. For those who would like to try reading the Hebrew, I have provided English transliteration. The commentaries reflect and combine the fields of interest that are close to my heart – ancient Jewish mysticism, Pre-Socratic Greek philosophy and Classical Astrology. 
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Excellence in Astrology -
  Level-I & Level-II

A series of instruction books, intended for self-study and for teachers. Suitable companion for most certification programs.

  Level-I Topics Covered:
    -Astronomy for Astrologers

    -Natal Chart Calculation
    -Astrology - the Fundamentals



Level-II Topics Covered:
  -Secondary Progression Calculation
Solar Arc Calculation
-Astronomy for Astrologers (advanced)
  -Classical Astrology - Beyond the Basics 

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