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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mudslides & The Bird Flu

  What is Going On ?!  


   Every two years or so the planet Mars goes into an apparent Stationary position in the Heavens. In astrology Mars is dubbed the Small Malefic (as opposed to Saturn - the Great Malefic), and when Mars makes such a Station its potential for wrecking havoc and spreading death and destruction is even greater.

   This is especially so when Mars joins forces with Saturn - currently in Leo, and Neptune - currently in Aquarius. Together, this trio is creating a difficult configuration in the heavens, giving humanity the collective feeling that God's Wrath has been inflicted upon them in Biblical proportions.

   So, What is Exactly Going On? Here is the Breakdown:

   Mars is making the Station in Taurus - the earth Sign. Neptune - the Ancient God that ruled the Ocean and its storms, is now in Aquarius - The symbol of the Water Bearer in the sky. When Water mixes with Earth we get levees washed away by the water of the ocean in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. We also get mudslides in Guatemala, burying whole towns.   Before we had time to catch our breath - the earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir happened, killing tens of thousands of people. Here, again, the earth was shaken and moved.   To top all that, we have a world-wide scare of The Bird Flu, which threatens to become a pandemic. Cosmically, the pandemic factors are Saturn-Neptune aspects, while Mars is making it more acute and urgent.

Saturn is the Great Malefic, and also the Great Teacher, but the lessons come the very hard way. Every two and a half years it "visits" another sign in the Zodiac, and "puts the house in order...", drawing our attention and rectifying conditions that have been neglected. It is the time when we are called upon to work harder, go without, and learn to give up the things that are not absolutely necessary for life. It paves the way to a new life and the renewal that follows, after we paid our dues.

The charts below tell some of the story:

Note the natal connections between between these Planets and how their positions are activated by the Current Transits.

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Pluto in Sagittarius and the Right to Die

The Terri Schiavo Story

   All too often we are gripped by the drama of dying, lived in the public eye for all of us to see. As we share the grief of the individuals involved, it also reminds us of our own mortality. Such was the case of TERRI SCHIAVO, the woman who died in Florida on ....  after almost fifteen years in a hospice bed in a clinically brain-dead state. 

Terri worked as an insurance clerk for Prudential Insurance both in Pennsylvania and Florida. She wanted to be a veterinarian. Her husband Michael worked as a restaurant manager, then became a respiratory therapist and registered nurse. He works in a hospital emergency room. 

   On February 25, 1990 Terri Schiavo collapsed in her home. Interruption of oxygen flow to her brain caused permanent brain damage. Severe brain damage caused by a cardiac arrest, believed to be brought on by her eating disorder, which was not diagnosed as such at the time. Her husband, Michael Schiavo, was appointed by a court as her legal guardian, and was awarded $1 million in a malpractice judgment. It has been reported that the money is gone, as most of the funds were spent on medical and legal bills.

   At some point, her husband requested that her feeding tubes should be removed so she can be allowed to die, as he said she would have wanted. Her parents put up a legal fight in the state and federal court, but were turned down. The story made headlines news in the US and around the world, and on ...?? Terri died while the world was watching. This unfortunate personal story became the subject of political debates on "the Right to Die" or "The Right to Life" issue. 

   A close look at both Terri's & Michael's charts reveals that the explanation is found in Michael's chart, NOT in Terri's chart !   We cannot deal with the metaphysical issue that arises from this fact, and only look at what the charts have to to say.

   At the heart of Michael's chart lies a T-Square composed of Moon-Mars-Saturn-Neptune. This is an extremely difficult configuration which spells 'injury or danger to the life of a female' (Moon-Mars-Saturn), 'pain and suffering' (Moon-Saturn), and 'a long chronic illness of a female' (Moon-Saturn-Neptune). With the Sun-Mercury in Aries, which can provide a quick response to situations, Michael worked in the emergency room. His work as respiratory therapist is indicated by the Saturn-Neptune, which indicates long-term chronic disease and problems with lungs or kidneys.

   Terri's chart has some indications, which are not as immediately vivid, but do complete the story. Sun-sq-Uranus tells of the stroke and Sun-sq-Pluto tells of Death as an important theme in life. Is it possible that her eating disorder was a secret death-wish and Michael's presence (and his chart) in her life precipitated it? Terri also shared the difficult Saturn-Neptune aspect with her husband. Neptune-in-Scorpio (the sign of death) in her solar 8th House (the part of the chart that signifies death) is another tell-tale indicator.

   The legal battle that reached the Supreme Court is indicated by Terri's Sun-in-Sagittarius - the sign that indicates the legal system and lawyers. This symbolism of Legal issues connected with Death has been brought home to us by the Transit of Pluto-in-Sagittarius (1996 -2008). The media and people in the whole world were watching as Terri's case was being decided in the courts. It became a "Right to Life" & a "Right to Die" issue and everyone was participating in the debate. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation changes things and attitudes slowly and thoroughly, from the foundation up, by destroying the Old before the New can come in. As this Transit progresses, we will also see its effects in the world religions, in Foreign Relations, Migrant Workers, and changes in the legal systems. In the 60's Pluto affected the chart of the USA, when we witnessed assassination of a President, his Brother and a leader of Civil Rights. We also saw the Vietnam War, The Six Day War, the Students Demonstration and the introduction of the Pill. Now we have a chance to learn from those experiences. 



   It is important to note Chiron in Terri's chart. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, and I call him the Pointer in the Chart - it points to where it hurts, which is also the place where healing can come from. It's the kind of healing that usually comes by helping other people in the same area of suffering because you know how it feels, you've been there. You heal yourself by helping and healing other people. 

   Terri's Chiron-in-Pisces (the sign of illness, medicine & hospitals) is pointing to her Sun-Pluto-Uranus. Sun-Pluto also bring issues of control, writing wills, and life-after-death. 

   By her death, Terri did just that for all us. She made us aware of the need to plan for our own mortality, and write a living will for the time when we are not in control.

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Ezer Weitzman - Israel's Former President Died

   On April 24, 2005, as Transiting Mars is opposing the Mars in Israel's chart and (T) Saturn is hovering over Israel's MC (signifying the government)  Ezer Weitzman, the former President of Israel, died. 

   Ezer was the nephew of the first president of Israel,  Dr. Haim Weitzman. At times controvertial, he was well liked in Israel and was known for his blunt and popular style of expression, his witty remarks and his sense of humor.  He was the commander of the Israeli air force and for many years flew his private black painted World War II Spitfire airplane.

   His political affiliation was right wing, yet he was not perceived as a militant extremist, and, like many others, he was a member of a generation that grew up with the Arab neighbors and got to know them.

   Gemini contains the symbolism of Two, so true to form, he had to be voted twice on in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) because there were problems with the ballots.

On May 13, 1993 he was sworn in as President. 

   The Gemini person needs to be connected with travel and all forms of communication and learning, so he served as Minister of Transportation, and later of Science & technology.

   Incidentally, his famous Uncle (see 2nd chart), prior to becoming the first president of Israel, was s scientist, who worked with the British in WW-I, and whose efforts and connections helped secure the support of England for the Jewish State. A scientific institute is named after him. Note how their charts are connected by the Sagittarius - the sign of higher education.

The following dates describe important milestone in his life:

1)   Born  in Tel Aviv on  6/15/24.

2)   1939 - joined the Hagana (a Jewish defense organization).

3)   1941 - First military commanding course.

4)   1944 - Became a pilot.

5)   1944-1949  Served in the British Air Force in Egypt and in India.

6)   1958-1966  Commander of the air force.

7)   1966-1969  A member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

8)   1969-1972  Retired from the army. Minister of Transportation.

9)   1977-1980  Defense Minister in the Likkud Government.

10) 1978 -  Important role in achieving the Peace Treaty with Egypt.

11) 1984 -  Minister of Science And technology.

12) 1991  - His son and daughter-in-law were killed in a car accident.

13) 1993  - Became the seventh president of Israel.


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