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 Classes are Available in Private or in Groups 

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  Natal Chart Interpretation - Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced  

Beginner & Intermediate Levels

Make your first steps in understanding the components of the chart: Signs, Planets, Houses & Aspects. 

Learn to find the person in the chart, and see her/his whole environment. 

Learn to identify basic relationship with other people - friends, lovers, family, higher-ups or co-workers. See how  work, home life, health, property, personality, education, spiritual & intellectual pursuits are indicated in the chart. 

Learn to identify the areas of strength or challenges, goals and inspiration.

Advanced Level

You have taken classes and read many books, some of which are quite advanced, yet, when it comes to reading a complete chart you still feel very uncertain.  You have mastered the basics of the language of astrology and its elementary building blocks, and now you feel itís not enough. Often, students get held back at this point, unable to go to the next level of chart integration.  When confronted with a need to read a chart, they typically say: "Ok, I know the pieces, but how do I put it together? Where do I begin ? What do I tell the person?"

This class aims at making this next step:

Learn to apply the basics in an advanced and practical way. 

Learn a structured and guided process that will enable you to go from analysis of the details to the integration of the chart information to a complete total person.

Go deeper into the chart and get insight into the personís motivations and how they experience their own life and the people around them, their circumstances and their environment.

Explore specific topics, such as parent-child relationship, schooling, home and house, sexuality, relationships, marriage, attitude towards money, career, travel, etc.

Learn Aspect theory, comparing Hard vs. Soft aspects; traditional aspects and the use of ĎMinorí aspects.

Learn how planets operate when connected with other planets. What happens when a planet is un-aspected. The circumstances that make a plane strong or weak, and how it affects its effectiveness.

Learn how the chart manifests in life and How Things Come to pass.                       Top  Back

  The Chart as a Total Experience (client work - advanced)  

- How to prepare for a reading and what to look for.
- How to identify the themes in the chart and what is the person all about.

- Why is the person coming for a reading and whatís going on in their lives now.

- How to Forecast.

- How to present your information in a clear meaningful manner.

- Helping the person to make sense of their lives and issues.

- Delivering the message:  Saying the right thing at the right moment                      Top  Back

  Forecast Techniques  

Become familiar and learn to integrate the astrologerís essential toolbox:
Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Solar Returns and Transits.

Learn additional ancient forecast techniques that fill in the missing pieces in the modern practice, such as Profection, Time Lords and the Quadrant System.

Watch the natal potentials unfold, learn to anticipate events and be prepared for what may come, as well as understand and appreciate events and experience in the past

Learn to identify specific life events and how they show up in forecast: 
Romance and marriage, buying a house, relocation, job change, etc.
                    Top  Back

  Chart Rectification  

Chart Rectification skills are essential to every practicing astrologer, as so often inaccurate birthtime leads to mistakes in forecasting. Four minutes difference in birth-time will throw off the forecast by a whole year!  

Chart Rectification is the supreme art of the astrologer. It requires in-depth knowledge of Natal Chart Delineation, as well as solid Forecasting Techniques - all of which are used in the event analysis. This class offers a step-by-step structured rectification methodology that will guide you in the process, along with important considerations that must be taken into account.  

Topics Covered

Gathering Data - which life's event are suitable for rectification 

Initial Interview of the Client - What & When 

The Tools of the Art - Techniques Employed

Procedure - Event Analysis Step by Step                                                   Top  Back

  Ancient Techniques For The Modern Astrologer  

Enhance your knowledge of astrology by learning ancient techniques that have been revived through the translation efforts of Project Hindsight and other astrologers.

Find out what some late 20th century astrologers neglected and other never even learned, in the rush to become pseudo-psychological when the new-age positive-thinking became fashionable.

Learn techniques that truly fill in gaps and missing pieces in the current prevailing astrological teaching.

Gain clearer understanding of the Houses and the Planets and how Rulership and Dispositors work.

Learn to make predictions from the Rulers of the Triplicities, from the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit.  Ptolemyís Ages of Life, the Hyleg, Profection, Firdaria, and more...               Top  Back

  Astronomy For Astrologers  

A comprehensive and thorough course that provides a clear visual understanding of the sky around us and how it is represented in the astrological chart. It will enable you to physically see the heavens in the chart and the chart in the heavens. 

Topic Highlights:
- The Solar System and Planetary cycles. Galaxies & Constellations.
- Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac and the Precession of the Equinoxes.
- Retrograde Planets.
- Declination, Right Ascension, Equinox & Solstice Points. The annual seasons.
- Solar & Lunar Eclipses.
- The Lunar (and other) Nodes.
- Diurnal Motion.
- Morning and evening planets and starts. Heliacal rising and setting.
- Naked-eye observation.
- Time Zones, Local Time, Universal Time and Sidereal Time.
- Meridians & Parallels
- Midheaven and Ascendant.
- Chart Relocation:  What does it mean, astronomically.

This class leads the student into Chart Calculation.                                    Top  Back

  Chart Calculation: Natal, Progression, Solar Arc, Solar Return   

The purpose of this class is threefold:
To give you confidence in understanding the celestial mechanics of the astrological chart and how itís put together.

Make you less dependent on the availability of computer software, as well as understand what the computer does when you do use it.

Help you pass the NCGR exams successfully.

- Calculate a natal chart for anywhere in the world.

- Understand Time Zones, geographical Longitude and Latitude, and use this to 

  approximate a personís chart in your mind even when only the ephemeris is available.
- Learn to relocate a chart to anywhere in the world.

- Calculate Secondary Progressions & Solar Arc Directions.

- Calculate Solar & Lunar Returns.

A word to the mathematically-challenged
NOT to WORRY! The math required is very simple and follows a set of printed instructions that are clearly laid out. You will also understand why each step is necessary, thus making it easy to memorize. 

Printed instructions are provided.                                                              Top  Back

  Uranian Astrology and 90į Dial Techniques  

The Uranian system is distinguished by the following features:

       1.  The 8 Transneptunian (hypothetical) planets
       2.  Use of 0į of the Cardinals (Zero Aries) and the Lunar Nodes, as personal points
       3.  The 90* and the 360* rotating dials, and graphic display of planetary position
       4.  Emphasis on hard  aspects
       5.  Planetary pictures (symmetries of equal arc openings, sums & half sums)
       6.  Intensive use of mid-points
       7.  Interpretation of a chart by aspects/pictures mostly, without emphasis on signs
       8.  Meridian Houses, Earth Houses, Libra Rising chart, Sun Houses, Moon Houses, etc.
       9.  Focus on Solar Arc Directions together with Transits, in forecast work

Each one of these techniques and principles can be used by itself, along with the traditional chat, to maximize the interpretive value contained in the chart. They bring a wealth of precision to the astrologer's work - it's like looking at a chart through a magnifying glass.  They do not contradict classical astrology, but rather extend and enhance it. They also work very well with the Asteroids and can also be applied to Solar Return charts, etc.                                              Top  Back

  Mundane Astrology  

Mundane astrology deals with non-personal entities, such as countries, states, companies, world events, and so on.  It is an exciting field of study.

This is where we observe historic events, the cycles of the economy, generational differences and the evolution of new ideologies.

My favorite saying is "Mundane is Personal" because this is where we see how the life of the Individual and the Collective affect each other.                                                              Top  Back

  Horary Astrology  

This branch of astrology specializes in answering a specific question from the chart of the moment the question was asked.

Using a clear set of rules that have come down to us from traditional and classical astrology, learn to answer questions such as 'Will my job interview be successful?', 'Will I sell the house?', 'Will my son get married?', and so on.                                                                                    Top  Back

  Electional Astrology  

How to choose the optimal time to start a business venture, get married, go on a trip, or begin anything of great importance to you.