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         *FAMOUS*BIRTHDAYS* - TAURUS       

Hello Taurus!   It is Your Birthday This Month.  See who Shares it With You!

  Katherine Hepburn   Queen Elizabeth II

  Katherine Hepburn  

Born:  May 12, 1907, 5:47 PM EST, Hartford, CT.

Kate's Taurean tenacity and steadfastness was intensified and amplified three times over by her Moon in Taurus conjunct the Sun, as well as Mercury, all in the area of partnerships, relationships. And her life-long dedication to Spencer Tracy was an extraordinary example of that. 

Her Scorpio Ascendant with her Ruler Mars Exalted in Capricorn, making a harmonious aspect to the Taurus planets, also allowed her to be very private about her relationship.

Her Mars in a square aspect to Venus , the planet is a combination that typically indicates intense sexuality, strong desire for romance and issues around faithfulness that arise from that. Venus in Aries is in Detriment, often indicating a relationship with a married man, or some other inappropriate situation, and in this chart even more so, as she rules Kate's House of Partnerships. At the same time, Venus in Aries is independent and action-oriented, making the person go after who they wants.

That same Mars also had a darker side in her life. It is located in the area of siblings in the chart, along with Uranus & the South Node - a combination that is usually associated with accidents. When she was 14 her younger brother was found dead. He accidentally hanged himself when he was practicing a hanging trick that their father had taught him. She was devastated by his death as she was the one who found his body. 

Kate was raised in a very wealthy family, as her father was a medical doctor. Sun-in-Taurus people are quite famous for their concern with creating material security. In her chart money also comes from her Exalted Moon-in-Taurus, and from Saturn, the ruler of the Fourth House, which signifies the father, parents in general, and property. This Saturn is in a very good aspect with Jupiter - the wealth-giver, who is also Exalted in Cancer in her chart and rules the 2nd House of money. Saturn is found in Pisces - the sign of medicine.

With a total of three exalted planets in her chart, Kate was destined for success, a sustainable career and respect from all people around around her.

  Queen Elizabeth II   

Born: April 21, 1926, 2:40 AM, London, England.

From the "African Queen" we move to the British Queen - Elizabeth II.

This woman of steel has weathered wars, turmoil in her family, the loss of her beloved father at a young age, and the decline of the British Empire, where "The Sun Never Set", to just another member of the European Union.

Technical Note: Chart-A is based on Placidus Houses and Chart-B is based on Equal Houses, where certain information is seen much more clearly.

Taurus is close to nature so the young Elizabeth developed love of her favorite Corgi dogs, horses and rural life. 

When it comes to money, Elizabeth is considered one of the world's wealthiest women.  Jupiter, the wealth-giver is in her 2nd House of money (B). The fly in the ointment, however, is its difficult aspect with Saturn the Ruler of her Ascendant. Saturn, always representing the letter-of-the-law, is in Scorpio - the sign of money and taxes, in the area of Parliament as well the area that signifies the money of the government (11th House in B). 

Jupiter is also Disposed by Saturn. And so, in 1992, she agreed to pay income tax on her personal income, the first time in the history of the monarchy. That was also the year she dubbed "My Annum Horribils", when Windsor Castle went up in flames.

All this was indicated by the Transit of Pluto that year on her MC & Saturn in Scorpio. That was also the time when the scandals in her family culminated in the media, testing her mettle. 

Pluto destroys everything in its path, and brings the most profound changes in life. Nothing stays the same afterwards... 

The death of her father was part of her destiny that catapulted her to the throne at a young age. It shows as follows:  Mars, signifier of her father (4th House B) is in a square with Saturn - a combination that often indicates death. In chart-B, Saturn - her ruler, is in a good aspect with Venus-exalted-in-Pisces, which signifies her father (again, 4th House A). This Saturn is found right on the point of career and one's place in the world (Mid-Heaven in A).