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         *FAMOUS*BIRTHDAYS* - SCORPIO       

Hello Scorpio!

It is Your Birthday This Month.  See who Shares it With You!

 Jodie Foster   Whoopi  Goldberg   Hilary Clinton


Scorpio is the Sign of Extremes

Scorpio People can doggedly go after what they wants, with Tenacity and Determination. 

They'll get even if they die trying.

It is a loyal & intense sign. 

They stick with you through thick & thin.

Scorpio is Forever.

Scorpio is the Sign of Death & Rebirth

The Experience of Death is Never Too Far From The Scorpio Experience. 

This ranges from from working with the dying, helping the soul in it's transition,

raising funds to fight AIDS, dealing with death in the family, or soldiers at war.

They are the ones rushing to the rescue in life-threatening situations.

They are the firefighters.

Scorpio is the Sign of Other-People's-Money

They Understand the Principle of Sharing. 

They handle Other People's Financial Resources, and benefit from it as a result.

Scorpio people may get entangled in undesirable, complicated financial situations.

They are no strangers to poverty & hardships - theirs or others'.

Scorpio is the Most Psychologically Complicated Sign

They have Long Memory and Never Forget their Past Pain. 

They can hold a grudge for a long time. They may forgive, but they don't forget.

Scorpio is the Sign of Secrecy

The Scorpio Person Would Rather See Than Be Seen.

They are comfortable being invisible.

Their piercing gaze can go right through you like x-rays. 

You feel exposed and naked when they look at you.

The Scorpio personality is attracted to the shady side of life.

Scorpio is the Sign of Silence

Scorpio prefers Silence - Saying Only What's Necessary. Never Frivolous.

Do not be fooled by their "shy" appearance. They know the power of words.

Their sense of humor, if they have one, can be scathing. It's more like sarcasm.

They are the masters of resentment and "The Silent Treatment": 

When angry - won't talk to you for days, weeks, months and even years.

Scorpio is the Sign of Sexuality

Scorpio is the Ultimate Sexual Sign.

Not only is it for fun but also for the Survival of the Species.

Scorpios Must Have Children!

Jodie Foster (Scorpio: b. Nov. 19, 1962) surely embodied all the above:

In the movie "The Silence of The Lambs" she deals with death.

Her early career began with the role of a victim of a gang-rape.

She has two children, whose father's name is undisclosed. 

Hilary Clinton (Scorpio: b. Oct. 26, 1947) had her share of financial entanglement:

In the White Water scandal that broke out when husband became president.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Scorpio Rising: b. Jul. 28, 1929) married for Money & Security

to the wealthy Greek tycoon, on the island of Skorpios.

Death and loss were no strangers to her throughout her life, and even after...