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 Julia Child   Lucille Ball   Peter Jennings

  Peter Jennings  

Born:  29 July 1938, 5 AM EDT, Toronto, Canada. 

Died:  7 August 2005, 11:30 PM, Manhattan, NY.

Peter Jennings had a twinkle in his eye. He loved what he did and it showed. Jupiter in his 9th House gave him the drive and the desire to explore the big world around him, and with his ruler, the Moon together with Mercury, Venus and Neptune - all in the in Virgo, the sign of detail, in the 3rd House of communication - his attention to detail was enormous. The aspect between Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon only increased this appetite for information. 

Barbara Walters said about him: "When we reported a parade, if I knew the name of the rider, Peter would know the name of the horse."

Saturn in Aries, in the 10th House of career, makes a harmonious aspect with the Sun & Mars, both having rulership in Aries, gave him the involvement with wars around the world. It placed him in the heart of the Munich Olympics when the Israeli sportsmen were taken hostage and shot by Arab terrorist.

This configuration also made him a very exacting, authoritarian and demanding editorial boss at ABC, as Barbara Walters told Larry King in a documentary following his death.

Saturn in Detriment in Aries, in the 10th House of career, tested his resolve to succeed in his younger years, and probably gave him a fare share of obstacles even in later years. Saturn in Aries said "Not so fast!" when he was dismissed from his first news broadcasting job because of his very youngish look, which the viewers did not take seriously. As the ruler of partnerships in the chart Saturn also affected his personal life and his marriages. Leo people love to love. They are in love with Love. This difficult Saturn, as the indicator of mortality in the chart, as Ruler of the 8th House was also affecting the chart at the time of his death.

When the evening news comes on every night, Peter Jennings' voice is still ringing in our ears and the twinkle is still in his eye.

  Julia Child  

Born:  15 August 1912,  23:30 PST, Pasadena, CA. 

Died:  13 August 2004, 2:50 AM, Santa Barbara, CA.

True to her name 'Child' and the Sunny nature of her Leo Sun-Sign, in all her 92 years Julia never lost her capacity for child-like sense of play and joy, in the kitchen, on TV or in private.

With Virgo - the sign of food - in her 5th House of pleasure, cooking was a real source of joy.

The strong Gemini Ascendant - emphasized by Saturn -sq- its Ruler - Mercury - the planet of communication - she went from a C student in college to a great communicator, a writer of many books and numerous TV appearances. In college she was known as a prankster, and dreamed of becoming a novelist.

Jupiter - The Great Benefic,  dignified in Sagittarius - the sign of all things foreign - in her 7th House of Partnership gave her a career-diplomat husband. Their stations overseas, in China and France introduced Julia to the wide variety of world cuisines. Her cooking and that of the American public was never the same again.

The Gemini love of learning led her to study French and publish her famous cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" published in 1961. The Gemini sense of humor never left her, and she always ready to crack a joke or laugh at her own mishaps on camera.

Julia Child has remained a beloved icon in the American culture. It is not possible to think about her without a smile appearing on one's face. Leo people are teachers at heart. They display dignity and respect. They are children forever - playful and positive thinking. Julia had it all.

  Lucille Ball   

Born:  6 August 1911, 5:00 PM EST, Jamestown, NY.

Died:  26 April, 1989, 5:47 AM, Los Angeles, CA.

Lucille Ball was an actress and a beloved comedienne,

yet, her story is quite different from that of Julia Child, as fame and public adoration covered up a lot of personal sorrows. As a matter of fact, it is a classic example of the funny clown beguiling deep sadness in heart - as shown by the Moon in Capricorn trine its Dispositor Saturn along with Mars.


Mars, signifying her father as Ruler of the 4th House is in conjunction with the Great Malefic Saturn, so her father died when she was four, and when her mother remarried she was left in the care of in-laws in upstate NY. At 15 she made it to New York intent on becoming a movie star. Yet she had a rough start, getting hired and fired from many jobs. The saga continued when, at 17, she came down with rheumatic fever for two long years as an invalid.

At 20, back in shape she slowly began her movie career in B movies, but soon found her comedic calling when she began playing smart-ass sidekick roles.

At 29 she met her destiny, in the form of the Cuban actor Desi Arnaz, 29, on the set of a film called "Too Many Girls," which proved to be an omen of things to come. The marriage was rocky from the start, and in an effort to salvage it she had him cast as her spouse in the new TV show "I Love Lucy", which first aired 15 October 1951 9:00 PM, New York, NY. 

The result was magical and hugely successful, immortalizing Lucille Ball as a great comedic talent. 

The chart shown here spells this success out. 

Here are only a couple of these indications: 

Moon, Ruler of Ascendant is Exalted in Taurus in the fortunate 11th House of money made from career. Jupiter, the Great Benefic and Ruler of Ascendant by Exaltation is all the way up in the 10th House of public recognition.

Off screen their relationship was stormy and she had to endure Desi's drinking, gambling and infidelity until 1962 when they were divorced.

One year later Lucy remarried and had a long and good marriage, but she had never really got over Desi. They remained friends. True to her strong Saturnian-Capricornian signature, she also met her second destiny as a shrewd business woman, running the production company she and Desi started, which later she sold for $17 million.

"I Love Lucy" ran for 6 years, and its success was never to be repeated. In subsequent years Lucy felt that the public has forgotten her, a sentiment she expressed many times in public interviews.

With three Planets in Debility - Moon, Mars, Venus, all three in one Grand Trine, her life was a long steady fight against the odds. 

True to a Leo - the sign that rules the heart - her heart was not only her emotional weakest point, but also the physical one. On 19 April 1989 she was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm and underwent heart surgery. She died on 26 April 1989 5:47 AM in Los Angeles, CA, when it ruptured again.

We will always Love Lucy