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The NCGR (National Council for Geo-cosmic Research) has been my 'Astrological Home' since 1982, and ever since then I have been involved in its activities through teaching, tutoring, conferences and public lectures.

Education is one of the NCGR's primary goals, and I am proud to be part of that, as a faculty member of the New York Chapter and its Education Conferences, as well as the National and International conferences.

The NGCR has a subsidiary organization NCGR-PAA (Professional Astrologer's Alliance), which provides testing and granting professional certification. Together they provide a solid education environment, that serves both the 'occasional astrologer' as well as those who aspire to become professional.

Many students of astrology have no access to experienced teaching of this material, and this online-class is an important step in facilitating such access and promoting professional study.

The NCGR & NCGR-PAA  have launched a joint effort to provide a a complete education program towards these goals, and this time - it is done Online.

I have been privately teaching this material, successfully, for many years now, in person and online, and I am happy to contribute this experience to the common goals of NCGR & NCGR-PAA, as a teacher on this new Online Study Program..

Please note that this is my personal message, not to be taken as an official announcements of either organization. Also keep in mind that class details may change in the future.

The first class:  "Astronomy-For-Astrologers & Natal Chart calculation"
 covering topics required for the LEVEL-I Exam of the Certification Program.   See description below.

The second class is geared towards LEVEL-II, and is currently offered.

Go to the NCGR site for the most up-to-date class dates & curriculum.
Go to NCGR-PAA for certification information.

Meira B. Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA



"Astronomy-for-Astrologers & Natal Chart Calculation"
Course Description

This course begins with astronomy for astrologers, focusing on how astronomical principles shape the basic structure of the natal chart. The principles covered include: 

-  The Solar System, the Zodiac, the Seasons and the Equinox & Solstice points
-  Planetary cycles and Retrograde Motion, the Lunar Nodes & Eclipses
-  Geographical & Celestial Coordinate Systems & Declination
-  Great Circles: Local Meridian & Horizon - MC & ASC
-  Time: Local Time, GMT, Local Sidereal Time
-  Time Zones: East & West, Standard Time & Daylight Saving Time 

Building on these foundational principles of astronomy, the student is then given a comprehensive understanding of how to calculate a natal chart by hand. Topics covered include how to use the atlas and the ephemeris, how to use the sexagesimal calculator, and how to calculate the planetary positions and house cusps for a birth in any geographical region of the world. Throughout the course, students will learn how to speed up the process and test themselves every step of the way, to prevent mistakes. Handouts and step-by-step examples provided. 

The Online Virtual Classroom 

Each class will be held in an on-line virtual classroom, where the instructor will share their computer desktop, and live interaction will take place via microphone and speakers. Within 48 hours of registration, students will receive an email message containing the logistics of how to access the on-line virtual classroom and a detailed course syllabus.